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I purchased a Huntington House Sectional from Southern Design Furniture in N Carolina in August of 2008. Within months the semi attached pillows were ripping away from the back of the sofa.

These are the picture of the ripping pillows. FIVE out of SEVEN of the semi attached pillows are ripping, including the one that was repaired by the upholsterer that Huntington sent out after my initial call to them about the tears. In several pictures that I sent to Huntington House, you can see that the stuffing is also now coming out. These ripped pillows are on both sides of the sectional as well as the middle.

This sectional is less than a year old and cost roughly $6000; we had planned on keeping it for a long time and assumed the quality was such to allow this. Obviously that is NOT the case.

It appears that this is a MAJOR manufacturing defect and is not fixable simply by having the pillows reattached again.

Huntington's response to my complaint was to claim that this was due to "misuse". Huntington refused to do anything further about this besides claiming it was from "misuse". No sofa should start to fall apart after less than one year. BEWARE, DO NOT BUY A HUNTINGTON HOUSE SOFA!




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Santa Susana, California, United States #1050812

I bought my sectional in 2012.The seat and foot rest of the recliner are sagging.

Our extended warranty is for accidents only, they said this is a manufactures defect.I emailed someone at Huntington and lets see how they respond.


YIKES! Was just looking at Huntington House sofas today and was going to take the time to think about it before I bought?

Bedford, Ohio, United States #937174

You obviously abused the sofa. Do you have kids?

York, South Carolina, United States #917475

semi-attached backs will NOT come loose from the sofa unless children and/or pets sit/lay on top of them and pull down on them. Normal use of the sofa will NEVER cause this.

Albemarle, North Carolina, United States #898798

We purchased our sofa and loveseat from Furnitureland South in NC.It wasn't but a few months until the seats were sagging and the back cushions settled.

This was our second purchase from Furnitureland South the first being a Stanley Furniture set that came apart and looked 10 years old after less than a year. Furnitureland South took it back and talked us into buying the Huntinghouse set. It costs us another $2,000 but we thought it would be worth the quality. Wrong!

It looks awful! Feathers continue to come out of the pillows and the cushions are so uncomfortable you can't sit in one spot for very long.

I will never purchase another item from Furnitureland South nor will I consider Huntington House to be quality furniture.


I bought a Huntington House sofa,chair and chaise over 10 years ago.I slept on it for 2 years due to back problems.

I have back problems and have set in one spot for many years. I bought very durable fabric. I decided to wash my cushions and pillow casing. They came out great.

I have washed them 6-8 times. It is still in good condition. Unfortunately I am moving and am going to have to part with it.

I am hoping to find a great sale and buy a smaller set.It is made in America and a very well made piece of furniture.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #668688

I also bought a sectional from plunketts in chicago that is huntington house and spent 10,000 and within 6 months the cushions deflated and feathers were coming out of everywhere we had to restuff them and that was an extra couple of thousands!imagine sitting on the sharp end of a feather!

dont ever ever buy huntington worst manufacturer we have ever dealt with!

sad to see that much money can't even buy you a decent quality sectional!shame shame!

Albemarle, North Carolina, United States #648688

My husband and I purchased a Huntinghouse Sofa from Furnitureland South in NC after returning another sofa we had purchased that was coming apart.We were assured that Huntinghouse, at a much higher price, was also of higher quality.

With just the two of us using this sofa it looks like it's 5 or 6 years old. The cushions where we sit have degraded and flattened (we are not large people). When I think that we spent several thousand dollars for this sofa and loveseat it makes me sick.

I would never recommend Huntinghouse.

to Sharon in NC #1358386

Your words are exactly my experience.

Buyers remorse!!!

I Spent a large amount for my sofa and love seat.Only 8 months old and looks 10 years old (just my husband an I and we are not large people).

Fabric is auwful, it pills terrible. Fabric shifts from cushions. Cushions do not retain shape and sofa should have been made with 2 large seat cushions instead of 3.

You find yourself fighting to stay out of growing gap between cushions.

I couldnt believe my husband suggested having a 6 month old $4,000.00 couch set re-upholstered a few months ago.


I recently purchased a Used Huntington House sofa from a thrift store where it was donated.It is absolutely beautiful!

I don't know it's age but it looks "New". After reading the reviews, I checked and did find one spot on the top corner where the attached cushion has pulled loose but it does not show and it is not riped. Other than that, this sofa's fabric is like new.

I know it will last for many, many years.I'm a very happy owner of a terrific used sofa and anyone looking at it would think it was just recently purchased new!

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